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How I Create your custom work 

1. Developing the Idea

I like to start commission work with a friendly discussion or email about what it is you want. Which medium and style? Who it is for? What size and subject? Some people have a very clear idea of what they would like while some just know their child likes sharks. Both places are great starting points!  

2. Thumbnails with Notes 

The first rounds of sketches are used to make sure everything you imagined is in the illustration. These are rough studies, without much detail, used mainly to clarify the composition. I include written notes and color ideas. This round may take a few versions. 


Any changes can still be easily incorporated at this time. 

4. Final Image

The final work should feel like the last stage of a collaborative trip.


My main creative aim is to ensure everyone is in love with the illustration. 


I use all archival materials and each work takes at least one week to complete. Most works take two weeks depending on correspondence time, versions, and layers. I am able to rush projects as necessary and express ship upon request. 


I will always send a follow-up message to make sure the work arrived safely and you are happy with the end results.

3. Detailed Color Sketch & Revisions 

This is the last round of studies. By now the composition will be finalized and I am focusing on color washes, texture, and detail. Collage studies are also done in watercolor but may have paper samples in marked spots.


It is important at this stage that we are both happy as it is the last chance to make changes before I move forward to the final version. 

5. Pricing and Shipping 

My works are made in a healthy environment with joy and respect. During our initial conversations I give you an estimate based on time and materials. Prices start at $150 per original image and rarely go above $250. I am always happy to discuss options. Your final work will arrive in a plastic image slip great for protector your work and storage. I ship globally and ensure that your work arrives in good condition.


Buying directly from artists is a wonderful way to support the arts as well as obtaining original, timeless products


Limited edition, signed portfolio prints available at set prices.

What Nancy Said about the Custom Process: 

"Many years ago I commissioned Fia to do a large collage, which now graces our entryway and is noticed and admired by all who come into our home.  With that first commission, I knew Fia to be talented, creative, and thoughtful about creating art that would best complement the space.  With this new commission, I also discovered that Fia is truly collaborative in her approach to her commissioned works – something I value greatly.  To create Ella’s Alphabet Book, Fia involved me in making decisions about each major element of the work, providing me with a chance to give input on preliminary sketches and to give feedback at each stage of the design process. While I love the final product, what I will likely remember most is how much I felt a part of the artistic process.  It has been a wonderful experience to engage with Fia, and to see first-hand the creativity and deep knowledge of children’s art that went into each of the beautiful illustrations that Fia created for this book."

Donna s. Says,

"Fia patiently worked with us to compose a watercolor that featured some favorite elements from our yard, including our resident cardinal and a granite slab etched with a Roman “L” symbolizing our 50 years of marriage.  She was a delight to work with, responsive to our requests and suggestions, and we are thrilled with a treasured piece of art."

Emily S. Says,

"As the proud owner of over ten Fia Sutton artworks, I am continually impressed by her attention to detail and sincere work ethic. With mere strokes of a brush, Ms. Sutton creates intricate, breathtaking, colorful worlds that draw you in time after time." 


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