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An Insect Alphabet: Native Insects of Massachusetts


A Collage Book

It's always exciting to open a box of fr
Screenshot_2019-10-24 Fia Sutton Native

Learning about Insects

I loved making this book. Mostly, I loved researching the insects, learning more about my new home state, and playing with collage again. I am not sure what is next for these bugs, but through November 2019, they are on display at The Bower Studio in Amherst, MA. See my blog posts here and here to read more about the process of creating this book.


Above: sketches for letters A, B, and C

Left: Show image for Solo exhibit of original works are The Bower Studio, November 2019.

Below: Gallery with book images, some with text, some without. Each letter in the book had a small paragraph about its corresponding insect, which was completed digitally.

*If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book or one of the original, pine framed collages please reach out. After The Bower Studio show is taken down, I will add the originals to my online shop here.

Ella's Alphabet Book


A Commissioned Book

Ella's Alphabet Book is one of two ABC books commissioned this winter season (2017) by a lovely family friend for a little girl and a newborn boy. Together we decided on the square composition, the full bleed (where images go right to the edge of the page) and on the letter list.


The client had a few specific requests - such as Pawoo for an elephant's call and musical instruments - while I filled in the rest. It was a great collaboration and first commissioned book project. Many of the original images are now available for sale (soon viewable on the upcoming store page). 

Nancy G. Says,

"I hired Fia this year to create an alphabet book for my grand-niece, Ella. The illustrations that Fia created are vibrant and colorful, vividly capturing the first words my grand-niece learned to say. Because of Fia’s exquisite artwork, Ella’s Alphabet Book will be more than just a lovely gift for this moment in time. I anticipate it will become a treasured family keepsake." 

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