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One of Brooklyn’s Best Bookstores: Greenlight Bookstore

Greenlight Bookstore Front

One of my goals of this blog is to explore places around the city that host beautiful illustrations. I am fortunate enough to know a few other illustrators, but something I would like to know more about, is where to find illustrations offline. So once a month I am challenging myself to go find new bookstores, shows, shops, and events that would showcase children’s illustrations in some manner or another.

The first on my list is: Greenlight Bookstore, located in Fort Greene.

This is currently one of my favorites local bookstores. Honestly, in part because I can walk to it. But it deserves my praise because it is a fantastic shop. It is a cozy, bright space filled with beautiful books. Design, contemporary literature, and aesthetics clearly play a major role here.

Special Events with free Food

Every so often they host events and one of their on-going calendar events are readings and talks by authors. Last month I went to a talk with the author Min Jin Lee whose book Pachinko was their book club subscription’s book of the month.

The author was charming, the host asked interesting questions, and the reading selections were moving. The 40-50 people snuggled up in chairs and around the shop were happy and appreciative of the free beer and wine before the event and a full Korean dinner provided afterwards.

It was really a lovely evening, just my style. I highly recommend checking out their calendar for events.

Photo by Greenlight Bookstore

Photo by Greenlight Bookstore

My Favorite Section, the Kid’s Section

So, of course, to the point of my quest: the children’s section. Greenlight Bookstore’s children section is located in the back of the small shop and has a host of classic books. But, in sticking with the style of the whole shop, focuses on contemporary books with a strong design appeal.

This means a lot of great, quality illustrations and books. Hardcovers books take center stage with in vogue artists, such as Jon Klassen, having multiple books highlighted. They appear to have a great selection of books introducing children to artistic ideas and societally themed books with moral lessons in addition to simple fun and funny options.

In Conclusion

Greenlight Bookstore is a fairly traditional bookstore that focuses on design, aesthetic and quality books. It is a beautiful place to browse and then walk across the street for a coffee and one of the many Fulton St. coffee shops.

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