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She Sells by the Seaside

Lenox Fair Stall and Me, 2019

Not Seashells - But Illustrations and Books

This coming Saturday and Sunday I will have a tent at Castleberry's Gloucester Waterfront Festival. (The above photo is me posing so delicately at my Lenox Church on the Hill Fair from the end of July) I am wicked excited about this particular fair as it is taking place so close to the historic arts community of Gloucester. A few years ago my mother and I spent a weekend in the town and it was amazing. Historical sites for my mother, artist studios for me, wine for us both and some lovely beaches to top it off. I am hoping for a good crowd and nice weekend!

At the fair I will be selling illustrations, of course, but also cards, my ABC books, and my new memory/concentration game. I am also available for custom work, so I hope to be able to spread the word on that area as well.

Gloucester Fair 2018 - Castleberry Fair photo credit

The Castleberry Gloucester Waterfront Festival

The Castleberry Festival (see link here) is an artisan based fair with local food vendors open rain or shine and hosting over 200 vendors (you can see them here, including me). The last fair I did had about 60 vendors, so this will be a big size increase. It is a tax free event and will take place on Stage Fort Park from 9-6 on Saturday and 9-5 on Sunday.

Kids Station

Goals for this Fair

Last fair I was decently happy with the outcome. But there are few changes I hope to make. The first, I want to rearrange a few elements of my tent to account for the sun. Bright sun and plastic is not a good combo.

Secondly, I want to push myself to talk to people. I'm friendly by nature, but often wait for an easy opening. This is not my studio, it is a sales event, and I need to adjust my attitude for this.

Finally, I would like to add some more signage and prints to the display. I do not think I will get those done in time for this fair unfortunately, but there is always time to grow in the future.

Gloucester Beach - Yelp Jen N. photo credit

Join Me

If you have the time and are around, come join me! I am happy to provide directions and would love see some friendly faces. Wish me luck and I hope to see you there!

Thanks :)


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