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Spring Art-Cleaning & a Seasonal Plan

Welcome Spring!

Well, in theory. With a new season comes new goals and spring-cleaning.

For me this past week I’ve been cleaning house – both literally and metaphorically. Sunday involved a good three hours of window washing. For my illustration work, I have been organizing photos, documenting works, and planning for the next couple of months.

What Spring Means for this Blog

Well, for one it starts with a mini failure: I did not accomplish my goal of a seasonal video blog entry. Bad me. But schedules are just guidelines, right? I do not always stay on my dream timeline, but I do always manage to keep moving forward.

For example, I finally put together a rough clip of phone photos documenting part of my collage process- playing with eye placement. Right below is the 13-second clip (please forgive the photo quality, my next video I will plan in advance and use a proper camera).

My new spring plan!

For me spring-cleaning in a business has two key components. The first is organizing the past few weeks (or months).

Organization checklist:

Computer clean up – check

Studio cleaning – check

Supply restock and paper prep – check

All paper work organization - check

Documentation of all work – half check*

*I plan to finish this next week at the latest.

The second and more exciting component is planning for the upcoming season. I WILL have a seasonal video blog ready for summer. I will launch my online story in April. I will then fix website and store kinks (I expect). In May, I plan to come up with a solid social media plan. And finally, by the end of June I will have started my first marketing attempts.

And the Art.....

You may have noted these are all business goals. My art goals are a bit more vague at this point. Finish 5 spreads for the book I am working on, start another book and work, work, work!

I am still growing as a businesswoman and an artist so I have lots to do! But I am excited for it all. I am excited for my seasonal plan and to welcome spring (warm temperatures to follow).

Happy spring everyone, and enjoy your own form of spring-cleaning!

About Me, Fia Sutton

Hi & welcome to my blog! I am a children's illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. I create handmade collages, 

watercolors & books that celebrate color, acceptance, & discovery. I am a creator of messy mistakes & happy surprises.

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