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Springtime Craft Fair Update

First Craft Fair of 2019

Craft Fair time again! For my second craft fair, and my first of 2019, I will participating in the Springtime Craft Show at the American Legion in Florence, MA. I will have cards, new print and originals, and am adding matted illustrations to the inventory.

This is a small craft fair will almost all local vendors. I am looking forward to starting off the 2019 season with a local fair where I can test some new products and hopefully see a few familiar faces. Please, share with anyone you know in the area and invite them to come say hello.

FYI: The American Legion

The American Legion is a U.S. war veterans organization.

For the chapter I will be selling my wares at, visit their Facebook page.

Next Step:

You and everyone you know go to the craft show. I sell everything, quit my day job, and co-conquer the world with my cat.

About Me, Fia Sutton

Hi & welcome to my blog! I am a children's illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. I create handmade collages, 

watercolors & books that celebrate color, acceptance, & discovery. I am a creator of messy mistakes & happy surprises.

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