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My Craft Fair Recap: Florence, MA

What was this again?

Last Saturday I participated in the Springtime Craft Show at the American Legion in Florence, MA. This was a small show with about 20 vendors selling puzzles, photos, cards, food, knit wares, clothing, and spring-themed decor. There were also hot dogs available. It was a surprisingly lovely and warm day and I that set up was filled with anticipation. As my first craft fair of the season, and my first ever non-holiday fair, I was pleased to see my work - while more on the art than craft side- fit in with the general fair.

craft fair poster

The Work I Shared (not Mama Bear)

I did not create any works specifically for this show. It was on my to-do list, but my Mama Bear project took precedence. (On that note, I finally sent my first round of book submissions out to publishers and agents!) I did mix up the display format a bit but overall is was very similar to my December show.

My main aim for this fair was to sell some cards and to speak to people about custom illustrations and ABC books. Creating potential client relations. Networking is the name of the game, right?

Florence, MA. Craft fair

Feedback and After Thoughts

First of all, I am very grateful to the organizer of the show and my customers. But sadly, this was a rough show. It was very poorly attended and many vendors left halfway into the afternoon. You can never predict the turnout of a show, but I believe it is safe to say we were all surprised by the low turnout given the time, weather, and town. I am chalking this fair up to a 'live and learn' experience. On to the next one!

Oh well!

Planning for Next Time

I think this will be my last non-juried, 'craft' fair for a while. It is a lot of work for a gamble on quality and turnout. Juried shows tend to have a base standard that builds reputation. Additionally, I am now looking into 'art' fairs or 'arts and crafts' fairs to hopefully find an audience more interested in artwork over decor.

Next week I am sending out my applications for a two juried art fairs. So wish me luck and thanks for reading!


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